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                                                                                                                                                  Nicholas Roerich 1874-1947

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Gabriel Weiss, CHC

Holistic Health Counselor 

Brattleboro, Vermont



“I was in a long downward spiral – a combination of Lyme, co-infections, and mold illness – or chronic inflammatory response syndrome. In 2012 I was floundering after 2 years of heavy antibiotics and fungicides, and way too many doctors who did not know then what was wrong with me. Gabriel offered to meet and hear my story of this illness that had taken my life away. He amazed me with his wealth of knowledge and expertise on my issues. His questions and listening were like none of the many professionals I had been through. It was clear that this is his passion and his calling. He had numerous suggestions and ideas for me to ponder that not only helped, but more importantly, felt right. They were on the path I wanted to travel, not expensive, nor invasive to the body. Several of his suggestions I am still using today, almost 3 years later. I feel more than confidant to contact him for further help as need arises. ”

                                                                              – Jen C.


“I really appreciated Gabriel’s health coaching on a number of issues I have been grappling with for years. His calm, thoughtful, and reassuring insights were most welcome and have remained fresh in my mind”.

                                                                             – Bill P.


 “I find Gabe’s depth of perspective on the human condition and his understanding of the variables involved in holistic health to have genuine integrity.  Gabe offers thoughtful insights and sincere compassion as he holds space for my personal healing process. I highly recommend Gabe’s services as a health coach”. 

                                                                              – David A.



I love collaborating with people who seek greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives by helping them improve their health, transform thought patterns, and realign with their higher truth!

Gabriel Weiss, CHC    802 579 3247