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About me


I was born in Coastal Maine to parents who were both holistic health practitioners and therapists dedicated to helping others. Since my early youth I have been passionate about health and nutrition, and in particular spiritual development. Over the years I have become familiar and resonant with a diversity of methods and perspectives. These continue to blossom into a wealthy vocabulary and profound tool set for sharing with others in their unique progression.

In 2006 I enrolled in Vermont College’s Adult Degree Program and formally designed studies in Social-Environmental Ecology. I studied the inter-relationship of major systems and how they are vulnerable to collapse and I searched for the essential components of strengthening personal resilience in the face of such a collapse.  I wanted to find indestructible ground and unshakable resolve; some true source of home, that lives in our hearts even when the world around us appears to be falling apart.

The application of ecology as a language for personal development was a natural and delightful discovery. These formalized studies were incredibly fruitful, however, I decided I needed to explore my ‘personal ground’ further outside of the constraints of academia. These last seven years have included extensive retreats, workshops, ceremonies, travels abroad, solitary retreat in the desert, further studies in world religions, thousands of hours gardening, and living with and caring for my extraordinary mother in her final years of life.

I really love meeting new people and listening to their stories, getting to know them deeply and exploring creative ways to free themselves and accomplish their heart’s intent. The lives we lead are incredibly epic, and it is such an honor to witness someone’s journey and draw upon their innate wisdom. It is deeply fulfilling to help in any way that I can.

I now live with my partner Nikki and our two dogs Buddy and Lucy in Brattleboro, Vermont. I also volunteer with hospice and on a local restorative justice panel, work with the Boys and Girls Club, and engage in active leadership in our local non-profit time bank.

I am certified as a health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


IMGP0365                                    At home, early morning in Maine…