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Essential Ecology

Ecology is the study of individual relationships and group dynamics, and how they comprise and emerge as evidence of a greater whole. This greater whole is home; it is what we are made of; it is who we are.

Ecology offers a structure for understanding the great net of systems beyond our selves and it also offers a language for the function and maturation of our minds and bodies. As well we eventually find that the inner ecology of our body/mind and the outer ecology of the world, coalesce into a unified ecology. Everything is connected.

Essential Ecology seeks to clarify the intricate nuances of countless relationships (biological, mental, emotional), and how they complement or hinder the natural health and peace of ’empowered wholeness’. This ’empowered wholeness’ is our nature, but many of us have found that our “mental-physical ecosystems” have become imbalanced and unsustainable. We find ourselves with much less strength and flexibility to assimilate emotional challenges and environmental disturbance.

We have to get a grip on reality; get behind the wheel; eat good foods, think good thoughts. We have to weed out our own delusions, abandon negative thinking, and cast aside all the baloney that’s making us sick!

We have to find our own language (the vocabulary of ecology is not required). We must become a master gardener in our personal landscape. From there, Essential Ecology is concerned with our function within and impact upon the greater community of life.

No ecosystem is identical and each is always changing. Health and wellness must be grounded in a practical science with observable effects, but it is even more important to return to what is essential. There is a hunger that must be fed first.

There are infinite scales of time and space and our work is never finished, but underneath our physical relationships and the myriad stories we weave, all of these individual components serve as evidence of something far greater…

The secret to health and happiness,

lies within the truth of who you already are.