Essential Ecology Holistic Health Counseling

Physical Resilience . Mental Hygiene . Spiritual Nutrition

Health Counseling

In holistic health counseling we begin to discover underlying patterns and connections in every dimension of life. It is crucial to examine the big picture, articulate what is essential, and establish priorities. Initially we start by compiling a health history. This is a time for us to get familiar with each other, collect important information, and zero in on your principal goals. This process usually draws forth insight beyond physical health and the obvious goals one may have.

Frequently addressed issues include the following:


Dietary Planning

Advice on Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

Stress and Fatigue

Grief and Transition

Self Empowerment


Health counseling occurs in a variety of settings (including home visits or over the phone). Additional support through email between sessions is often available free of charge.

Though offering a structure of inquiry and tools for continuing resolution, the entire process is driven by the client. I’m here to listen and support, not pursue my own agenda. Ultimately I am committed to helping you accomplish greater physical resilience, and establish good mental hygiene; all to better assimilate ‘spiritual nutrition’. These three areas are not so distinct; they comprise real health and happiness. Much of my work is in helping others to cultivate awareness, and develop a personal language for understanding and utilizing what that awareness reveals. Healing begins in the present moment.

Everyone has unique needs and qualities and when we work with another human being we witness a novel alchemy that arises within ourselves and together. It is either beneficial or it isn’t. I only want to be of benefit.

Call me and let’s talk.

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